Aquatic Therapy Seminars

Take a 2-day or a 2-week aquatic training with ATU.

Learn the latest aquatic therapy techniques from today’s aquatic gurus.
Go home with immediately applicable treatment ideas.


4 Options for Getting Trained…

Get Trained at Your Home Pool
Attend an ATU Seminar
Distance Learning/Webinars
Buy Aquatic Books & DVDs

“Submerge a client in a thermoneutral therapy pool, and you eliminate the temperature gradient between skin and air. Have her close her eyes; she instantly loses the ability to determine where her body ends. Immerse her ears, and you eliminate sound. Lift her feet from the bottom of the pool. In the pool’s three-dimensional environment, the water itself becomes the treatment table.” 


Take some time. Treat yourself. Become the skilled aquatic therapist you were always meant to be.

Join the hundreds of therapists who attend ATU trainings each year. Enjoy your chosen occupation once again!