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Have the training come right to you!

Home Pool Advantage

Aquatic Directors/Rehab Managers: Bring any of these popular seminars to your facility for a 2–day course for your entire staff with no pool downtime.

Pick any course from our catalog (see course options below) and turn it into a custom course for your facility. Give your staff the skills and confidence necessary to make your practice the most valuable in your locale.

And all for one flat all-inclusive fee of $6800*. (You can add on additional days for $2800/day)

Ready? Then plug and play one of these best-in-class courses into your operation and see the spring return to your staff, the smiles to your patients, and the cash to your cash-flow. Feel free to request learning objectives for all the courses that float your boat (see form below).

*Flat rate includes all travel, honorarium, CEUs for PT/OT, course manuals. Everything. Looking for a seminar taught outside of North America? Ask about our international rates.

“We were shocked when our in-house training turned into a team-building weekend. I had not seen that much fun at work in a long while.”

Natalie T., Rehab Director

Custom Seminar Options:

Not sure which seminar to choose? Ask! You can pick the brain of Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, our Director of Programming, to find the best course for your staff. Use the Contact Box below to send a message.


Ortho Track

  • Hands-On Aquatic Therapy Techniques for the Ortho/Neuro Therapist

  • Water-Based Intervention for Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy for the Musculoskeletal Client

  • Aquatic Therapy for the Total Hip and Knee Replacement Client**

  • Justifiable Aquatic Therapy for the Low Back, Neck & Chronic Pain**

  • Aquatic Therapy for the Shoulder, Neck & Thoracic Spine**

  • Aquatic Training Options for the Collegiate, Professional & Elite Athlete

  • Aquatic Therapy for the Military: From Wounded Warrior to Injured Athlete


Geriatric Studies

  • Hands-On Aquatic Therapy Techniques for the Ortho/Neuro Therapist

  • Water-Based Interventions for the Geriatric Therapist

  • Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy Protocols for the Geriatric Population

  • Novel Aquatic Balance, Proprioception & Fall Prevention Strategies

  • Aquatic Sensory & Motor Integration for the Lifespan: Pediatric to Geriatric

  • See **above for additional musculoskeletal options


Pediatric Studies

  • Hands-On Aquatic Therapy Techniques for the Ortho/Neuro Therapist

  • Water-Based Interventions for the Pediatric Therapist

  • Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy for the Pediatric Client

  • Aquatic Sensory & Motor Integration for the Lifespan: Pediatric to Geriatric

  • Aquatic Sensory & Motor Integration for the Pediatric Therapist

  • Aquatic Therapy Options for Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disabilities & the Medically Fragile Patient


Special Studies (classes can be applied to several tracks)

  • Aquatic Treatment of Lymphedema and Cancer-Related Disorders

  • Aquatic Therapy for the Female Client

Want More Information?

Tell us what kind of training you need, ask for more info, or just get the conversation started!

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Polyclinics are held when its convenient for you. Morning starts or early ends, we aim to accommodate your operations. While most staff prefer Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun classes, we accommodate weekday requests, too. And a pre-conference distance learning option allows you to study the preliminaries at your leisure so the remaining hours can be scheduled to maximize pool time.


A 2-day polyclinic costs $6800, all-inclusive. This means there are no hidden travel, lodging or per diem expenses to blindside you. This is also a flat-fee, meaning it remains the same whether you have 10 or 99 students. Facilities with fewer than 10 attendees can apply for a $400 discount off rate.

Polyclinics are priced to maximize value for the mid-sized facility and is cost-beneficial if you have five or more therapists. Is this you? Then don’t send them out-of-state. Have them stay at home and save.

Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp DVD Pre-Study Module

We will send you access to our time-tested Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp, good for 4.0 credit hours. Facilities choose this add-on to allow their staff to prepare in advance without the need for pool downtime. Take this module at your leisure during lunches or take-home sessions. Comes with enough manuals for your entire staff.

Cost: Free

CEU Pre-Approval Service

Don’t have the time or staff to fill out the myriad forms required by your state licensing board? Let our continuing-education experts handle all the paperwork headaches. We will apply for CEU pre-approvals and pay any fees required by your state PT and OT agencies for you so your therapists can concentrate on their clients. NOTE: approvals for additional professions can be sought for an extra charge.

Cost: Free

Customization Add-On

No two facilities are alike. And no ATU class has ever been a perfect fit. That is why we have made our course objectives plug-and-play, to better fit our training to your operations. Now, with our Customization Add-On, you can pick just those course objectives that best address your patient census, programming goals or staff experience. You can even mix and match topics from any of our musculo, pediatric, geriatric, neuro or sports/military tracks.

Cost: $1000

International Travel

We price our polyclinics with a flat rate price so you can know what to expect. However, with travel outside North America, we don’t know what to expect! Give us your needs and we’ll tell you exactly how much it will run to take our polyclinic over the pond or around the bend.

Cost: varied

Extreme Makeover Site Visit

The economy and new healthcare reform regulations are playing havoc with provider profits. If you are having problems getting patients in your doors or making your cash flow, we can help. With just a short day- or half-day session, we will come and tour your facility, interview your staff, observe your operations, review your billing procedures and analyze your programs to develop and deliver a comprehensive action report on how best to turn around your practice and make you profitable once again. A perfect pre-conference add-on when ordered with a polyclinic class. This service is worth it’s weight in gold. Just ask some of our clients.

Cost: $2000 (full-day)/ $1000 (1/2 day)

ATU is a provider of live and distant continuing education for healthcare providers who are already licensed or otherwise recognized to practice in their states and countries. We are recognized as having courses preapproved for CCUs through multiple state PT, OT and SLP state boards, and other entities. Ask us about your state’s requirements.

Attend a live ATU Seminar

Do distance learning courses instead

Buy books and webinars instead

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