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The module comes with:

  • 1.5 hr video,
  • 90+ pg downloadable training manual.



Designed to teach therapists how to transition their therapy pool into a sensory and motor planning room. Extrapolated from the 16 treatment station concept, therapists will harness the use of common everyday items to create a sensory effect and to achieve a functional motor response. Each exercise and activity will be examined from the perspective of all the senses: vestibular, tactile, proprioceptive, visual and auditory. The latest aquatic research will be explored and analyzed. This course is primarily designed to provide hands-on experience in order to promote skilled aquatic treatment of children with motor planning issues, poor body awareness, poor focus/attention, impaired postural stability, difficulty with bilateral coordination and those with cognitive disabilities.


Andrea Salzman, MS, PT graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Masters degree in physical therapy. Salzman is the Founder and Owner of the Aquatic Resources Network, the largest multidisciplinary clearinghouse of information on aquatic therapy. She currently serves as Director of Aquatic Therapy University and has assisted hundreds of facilities during the start-up and training phases of their aquatic practice. Salzman has received the highest honor given to an aquatic physical therapist from the American Physical Therapy Association, the Judy Cirullo Leadership Award. She has been listed in Who's Who for Aquatics multiple times over the years. Over her career, she has served as: • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy • Manager, Regions Hospital Therapy Pool • Adjunct Faculty, College of St. Catherine’s PT program • Functional Design Consultant; Aquatic Therapy Facilities • ARN Database Creator, 19,000 aquatic professionals • Aquatic Health Research Database (AHRD) Creator, 8000 abstracts and growing • Author, 5 aquatic therapy-related texts • Monthly columnist, Aquatics International, Advance for PTs, Onsite Fitness, AusMed and other trade magazines



There is no conflict of interest in the training. There are no products endorsed or sold.



I loved the video clips showing OT working with kids on the spectrum while the PT described the work. Denise R., OTR


CTRS here. We are in the water all the time and I thought the training would be more of the same, but this gave me a new perspective even after 10 years in the pool. Ronnie S., CTRS


Perfect for my entire SLP staff who needed an introduction to working with their current caseload in the water. Made it accessible. Michael R., Team Aquatics Leader

Aquatic Sensory/Motor Integration for Pediatric (3 hr w/ manual))

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