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Sample Webinar: A 60 Minute Freebie for Ya!

Byline: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

Get to know industry guru Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, in this 60-minute, fast-paced, functional look at aquatic therapy fundamentals for all disciplines. A joint effort between Aquatic Therapy University and the Medical Fitness Association.

This webinar is a short 1 hour class extrapolated from the 4-hour Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp, a distance learning course designed to provide aquatic therapy staff with hours of novel aquatic ideas. Watch the sampler above..... then access the entire "Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp" (worth 10 CCUs in 36 states) for your entire team. See link below!

The Boot Camp comes with 4 hours of video and a downloadable 120-page manual. It is an excellent way to educate staff. Attendees will leave with a clear awareness of contraindications, why water works therapeutically…. and the gold-standard research to back it up.

Purchase individual or facility-wide access to this CEU-approved training, including post-tests and Certificates of Attendance.

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