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Pool of Experts: Aquatic Pilates

Three aquatic pilates experts examine the differences between the methods and how to bring this popular program to your pool.

Byline: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT

More than 70 years after Joseph Pilates introduced his revolutionary exercise ideas to the world, clinicians began to wonder if those ideas wouldn’t translate nicely into the water. Thus was born aquatic pilates. However, not all versions of water-based Pilates are necessarily identical to Joseph Pilates’ original vision.

The confusion arises from a landmark court decision handed down in 2000 by the U.S. Southern District Court in Manhattan about the term “Pilates.” The court ruled that the use of “Pilates” could not be restricted by a trademark, making it as generic an exercise term as yoga or aerobics.

There are many different visions of what water-based Pilates should look like. Following is a Q&A with three aquatic pioneers, each of whom have taken some elements of Pilates into the water. It examines those differences and why the water-based programs ... Continue Reading Article Here.

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