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Occupational Therapy Belongs in the Pool - A OT Student Shows the Way

We couldn't let these resources go to waste! This content was written by a guest contributor to our Aquatic Therapy University Hub in 2022, and we wanted to reshare Bri Mazzei's amazing work here.

Byline: Bri Mazzei, OTS, ATRIC

Here is my completed course: . Enrollment is free and included in the course are the additional resources and presentations I produced. All lecture material is recorded in addition to the visual aid.


Here is the link to one of the resources included in the course: .This is a presentation of compiled videos with functional activities to complete in the water that address all areas of occupation. I also included some functional equipment recommendations.

Here is the link to a second resource included in the course: .It is a recorded presentation about how to apply the occupational therapy therapeutic process to the aquatic setting and considerations for treatment in aquatics. 

Please feel free to share! I developed all of these resources to increase the use of aquatic therapy techniques among therapy professionals and would love to see these resources used by others! 

Best wishes, 

Bri Mazzei, OTS, ATRIC

Drake University 

Occupational Therapy Doctoral Candidate 

May 2022

Interested in more OT techniques? Check out ATU's course.

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