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Guest Post: Renting a Therapy Pool

Byline: Ben Doff

We're reposting thoughts by Ben Doff posted to our ATU Hub all the way back in 2019. We couldn't let this advice be forgotten!

OK, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and rent or lease space at someone else’s pool. You think to yourself… how bad can it be. Surely, everyone takes good care of their public access pools. We’re not animals! Well….

To assess this assumption, the CDC analyzed data from 121,020 routine pool inspections in 15 state and local agencies. Here’s a quick hits of results:

  • 12.1% of inspections resulted in immediate closure because of serious violations (e.g., lack of disinfectant in the water). Another 10.7% of inspections identified disinfectant level violations.

  • Therapy pool inspections had the lowest percentage of disinfectant and pH level violations but the highest percentage of other water chemistry violations (43.9%).

  • Child-care pool inspections had the highest percentage of immediate closures (17.2%), followed by hotel/motel and apartment/condominium pool inspections (15.3% and 12.4% respectively)

  • Apartment/condominium and hotel/motel pool inspections had the highest percentage of disinfectant level violations (13.1% and 12.8%, respectively).

  • Child-care and apartment/condominium pool inspections had the highest percentage of pH level violations (11.8% and 10.0%, respectively).

  • Approximately 35% of inspections of apartment/condominium pools, hotel/motel pools, and water parks identified circulation and filtration violations.

  • Kiddie/wading pool inspections had the highest percentage of disinfectant level violations (13.5%), followed by interactive fountain inspections (12.6%).

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Violations Identified from Routine Swimming Pool Inspections --- Selected States and Counties, United States, 2008. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. May 21, 2010 / 59(19);582-587. Download:

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