Fast FAQs:

Question: What is ATU Aquatic Therapy Seminars? How does it fit in with my education?

ATU Aquatic Therapy Seminars has provided continuing education training, both through live seminars and distance learning, since it was founded in 2009. We have trained 1000s of therapists, in 30+ states and 9 countries, and trained 14 ATU instructors over the last decade. In 2012, we became one of the first CE groups to seek preapproval for all of our education through the rigorous Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

ATU is a continuing education provider with a singular focus: aquatic therapy. ATU is not a trade or professional school. However, therapists and therapist’s assistants who graduate with an associate’s, bachelor’s and even doctoral degree often do not have the training necessary to be skillful in their use of aquatic therapy.

Typically, ATU comes into the picture after graduation when you are seeking continuing education hours. You have already become licensed, certified or registered to practice in the rehabilitation industry, but you do not have the advanced skills necessary to safely and effectively work in the water. You wish to obtain additional training. You want the best training.

At that point, ATU can provide you two options. For the therapist who occasionally works in water, ATU can provide you with a 2-day CE training in almost any subspecialty you desire (pediatrics, total hip & knee, sports performance enhancement, etc). ATU classes always meet state and national standards for continuing education (CE) units and often fulfill your entire yearly requirement in a single class.

ATU also provides a customizable series of aquatic therapy trainings seminars taught by licensed industry experts. As an ATU seminar participant, you can attend a 700, 800 and 900 series of seminars and then receive a Certificate of Advanced Recognition in one of 4 different Tracks (Musculoskeletal, Geriatric, Pediatric, or General Studies).

Question: I am not a licensed therapist or assistant. Can I still attend ATU continuing education seminars?

Aquatic therapy is a therapeutic procedure recognized by the AMA (CPT code 97113). Many different health-care providers are permitted to perform aquatic therapy. ATU classes are designed primarily for the licensed healthcare providers who work hands-on with clients. Our classes are open door with the understanding that all attendees must follow the parameters and limitations of all relevant state practice acts and their designated scope of practice.

Question: I have had difficulty in cold pools when attending others seminars. What is the temperature of the pool at this class?

Nobody can learn in a cold pool. That is why almost all ATU seminars are held in warm-water pools that are heated to 88-94 degrees. Unless we tell you, there will be no need to bring your wetsuit to this class!

Question: What is the Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp and why is it offered as a separate class?

Since other continuing education companies hope to draw huge numbers of registrants (from all levels of expertise), their instructors feel they always have to start with the basics. At ATU, we want to make it possible for you to jump into an Intermediate or Advanced class without hearkening back to Archimedes and his bathtub. That’s why we have pulled out all the “basics” and made them into a separate training option.

The Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp is offered as an online learning module. This 4 hour “basic training” (plus an optional 6 hour addition) covers all the fundamentals of aquatic therapy (such as principles of fluid mechanics, precautions and contraindications, and handling techniques) in a very hands-on functional manner. The class is optional and available at a low cost to anyone attending ATU.

Important: If you are seeking ATU Certificate of Advanced Recognition, the Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp is required.

Question: I’ve never been to a CE class that offered over 8 hours of pool lab before. That seems like a lot of pool time.

Ever attended an aquatic therapy training and spend the entire time in a conference room? You can’t learn aquatic therapy from a powerpoint presentation.

Well ATU believes you can handle 8-9 hours in the pool over a 2-day period. Boots in the pool, so to speak. Hey, we have loads of fun. Give you a gorgeous learning setting. Make you laugh ’til you pee (hopefully, during designated breaks). The response has been amazing. Your time is valuable. We fill you to the brim with knowledge and send you happily on your way with 16+ hours of CE under your belt.

(a little wrinkled…but happy)

float aqua wellnessQuestion: Some CE providers issue deck passes to their registrants. Is this the case with ATU?

Ugh. No way. How can you learn from the deck? We cap our classes to fit our pool size and tie it to the number of instructors; most are capped between 15-25 attendees. We believe aquatic therapy is learned kinesthetically and that means butts-in-the-pool.

Question: What level of education and training do ATU instructors have?

All of our clinical-track instructors are skillful therapists, physicians, PhDs, or other aquatic providers. While we absolutely believe that individuals with other backgrounds have tremendous knowledge to impart, we want our instructors’ expertise to match or exceed our students’.

Question: Are there any volunteer opportunities to offset the cost of my tuition?

Not really. Our courses are intentionally kept very small. We would feel silly having you volunteer to direct traffic for 20 people. That said, if you have amazing social networking skills or are an Internet marketing genius, we may be interested in “hiring” you in exchange for Continuing Ed dollars.

Question: Will my meals be included?

Usually. Stay at our preferred hotel at seminars and breakfast is included. And lunch is included in most classes (If it is not, it will be noted on the registration materials). It’s our mission to make the experience as close to free as possible once you arrive.

Question: Will I need to rent a car?

It depends. Some of our classes have hotel shuttle services, but most do not. You will be able to ask the host site for information on local hotels and shuttle availability.

Question: Can I share a hotel room?

Certainly. Ask us to share your name if you are interested.

Question: How many different kinds of instructors do you have on staff?

We have two kinds of trainers: ATU Instructors, who can teach any class, and Guest Lecturers, who are clinicians in a specialized field or who possess specialized knowledge. These professionals are paid to teach only their own content and their own courses.

Question: What background and education do I need to teach for ATU?

Typically, ATU Instructors have attended a 10 day practicum, then a 10 day instructor’s training, and then completed 6-12 months of followup material. All have worked extensively in aquatic therapy for over 5 years.

If you are feeling rusty and stale, come get refreshed at an ATU training hub near you. We are here to help shine you up!

ATU is a provider of live and distant continuing education for healthcare providers who are already licensed or otherwise recognized to practice in their states and countries. We are recognized as having courses preapproved for CCUs by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Our classes are also approved through multiple state PT, OT and SLP state boards, and other entities. Ask us about your state’s requirements.