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Hands-On Aquatic Therapy - Ortho & Neuro Therapist

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COURSE TITLE: Hands-On Aquatic Therapy Techniques for the Ortho & Neuro Therapist COURSE DESCRIPTION: Get ready to get stuffed, saturated and wrinkled! This “how-to” seminar will put your body in the pool for 2 unbelievably extensive days of skill acquisition (16 hours of class; 8 hours of pool lab). Think of this as the Appetizer Sampler of Aquatic Therapy seminars. You will be exposed to most of the popular aquatic techniques currently being used in clinics across the globe -- and learn 2 or 3 new ones. Why sit through all-day lectures on theory? Instead, get in the water and learn hands-on handling techniques that will leave you with new, concrete skills and the confidence to apply them to your musculoskeletal and neurological patients. And you’ll have a blast doing it. HOURS/CREDITS: 16 credit hours or equivalent through host state/territory for PT/OT. Other providers and PT/OT providers from non-host states, please seek more information. METHOD OF ASSESSMENT: This is a small (20 students or fewer to 1 instructor and often an assistant) hands-on lecture and lab course. Half of the course is held in a therapy pool with paired assessments taking place. Role playing is a large assessment tool. During lecture, we do small group presentations and individual report-outs.

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