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Aquatic Therapy for the Speech Therapist

  • 2Days
  • 2Steps


ABOUT THIS 2 DAY TRAINING A 16 hour training module with over 8 hours in the water packed into 2 days. Designed to teach therapists how to transition their therapy pool into a sensory and motor planning room. Extrapolated from the 16 treatment station concept, therapists will harness the use of common everyday items to create a sensory effect and to achieve a functional motor response. Each exercise and activity will be examined from the perspective of all the senses: vestibular, tactile, proprioceptive, visual and auditory. The latest aquatic research will be explored and analyzed. This course is primarily designed to provide hands-on experience in order to promote skilled aquatic treatment of children with motor planning issues, poor body awareness, poor focus/attention, impaired postural stability, difficulty with bilateral coordination and those with cognitive disabilities. This course is worth 16 contact hours. SLPs can self-apply for CEUs. Ask for details.

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